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“We believe that women have a unique perspective that is needed in our political system. By empowering women to participate in politics, we can create positive change in our communities and our country.”

Latest News

Trump Selects JD Vance as Running Mate

By Janice Hisle -  EPOCH TImes 7/15/2024  -  Former President Donald Trump announced on July 15 that Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) will...
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SEAL Rob O’Neill: Countersniper May Have Feared Lawfare

July 14, 2024 - Former U.S. Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill told Newsmax that criticism of the Secret Service in response to the...
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Suspected Chinese Spy Bases in Cuba Have Undergone Expansion: Report

7/5/2024 Satellite images show one previously unreported site is located near a U.S. naval base in Cuba. Cuba has upgraded...
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The Path to a VALID Election in 2024

  July 2, 2024 The Path to a VALID Election in 2024 United Sovereign Americans (USA) is Leading the Way...
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EIPCa Legislative Alert

June 13, 2024 --   June 13 Legislative Alert   To paraphrase Thomas Paine, Government is an evil, but a...
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Dennis Prager: Why Americans Mistrust Election Results More Than the Citizens of Any Other Democracy

June 11, 2024 -- Last week, 27 European nations voted for their representatives in the European Parliament. If you were...
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Putin Raises Cuban Missile Crisis as Russia Ships Near U.S.

Saturday, 08 June 2024 By James Morley III Russian President Vladimir Putin is aiming to "invoke the historical memory of the...
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A New Constellation

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN Capital Connection Weekly news and information for our members Week of June 10, 2024 A...
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Kevin Kiley – Could Get Worse

Could Get Worse Politico reports Kamala Harris has told friends she will return to California to run for Governor if...
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Bruce de Torres: on My Show: Dr. Meryl Nass

Saturday, May 18, 2024 Please join us if you can at Facebook.com/brucedetorres2.   (Scroll down to watch the video) Dr. Meryl Nass...
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Trump and Biden to Finally Face Off

5/17/24 9:32 AM (GMT-08:00)   Dear Friends, It’s official! Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to debate each other...
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OPINION: Bay Area bridge protestors deserve heavy punishment for the way they exercised their freedom of speech by violating the...
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As American voters are being subjected to an expanding spate of advertisements by political campaigns for and against candidates and...
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The Politics of Death

By: Bill O'Reilly ;  3/31/24 (Massapequa, New York) St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Funeral mass. Hundreds of police inside....
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*Your Freedom is on the Ballot*

3/29/24 NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN A Message from the President Your Freedom is on the Ballot I am often...
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Jeff Bosshard ; 3/28/24 In case you missed it, noted historian Victor Davis Hanson has given us the following definition...
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Gov. Gavin Newsom: How to Destroy California in Less than 10 Years

By Katy Grimes, March 28, 2024 8:08 am The one thing Newsom is good at is destroying the Golden State. If...
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FAIR’s aggressive plan to take back our borders

3/28/24 Here is our action plan for 2024: Fight Against Amnesty. What I’m especially proud of here at FAIR is how we...
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America had a president before George Washington

3/28/24 Though George Washington is indisputably the first President of the United States, he technically wasn’t the first person in...
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The Threats Against America

Katie Pavlich  3/27/24 “Border security is a big piece of national security. And if we don't know who is coming...
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