2024 June 10 Newsletter

2024 June 10 Newsletter

Keep up to date on Republican issues! June 10, 2024

Collected by President, Jane Armstrong

Compiled by Kellie Fisher ~

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General Membership Meeting

We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Snider from the Pacific Justice Institute will be joining us as a guest speaker at our upcoming event. Kevin will delve into crucial topics surrounding the government and the LGBTQ threats to parental authority, sparking insightful discussions and empowering us with knowledge to drive positive change. This is a unique opportunity for us to come together, stay informed, and amplify our voices in Santa Cruz and beyond. Let’s join forces and make a meaningful impact!

Kevin Snider has been an attorney since 1994. During that time he has practiced primarily in the area of constitutional law and civil rights. Snider has litigated a number of cases which have garnered national attention. These include two in the U.S. Supreme Court – A Woman’s Friend v. Kamala Harris and Gateway City Church v. Gavin Newsom.

He argued In re Jonathan L. before the California Court of Appeal which resulted in restoring the right to homeschool in California. In Michael Newdow v. LeFevre, he argued in defense of the national motto – In God We Trust – in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Days before the January 2009 swearing in of President Obama, Snider represented Pastors Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in which he successfully argued against the request for an injunction to prevent the invocation and benediction at the inauguration. He has been the Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute since 2004. He has been seen on CSPAN and CNN, has made dozens of radio and television appearances, and is interviewed frequently or quoted in newspaper and other publications. Snider is admitted to the Washington, California, and District of Columbia Bars.

His wife, Chenyuan, is a regular contributing writer for The Stream. They have two children and reside in northern California.

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Anti-American Protestors

By: BillOReilly.com

June 10, 2024

It’s hard to watch the anti-America/anti-Israel protests taking place in this country.

This weekend, a bunch of activists burned American flags, called for ‘intifada,’ berated the Secret Service, threw garbage at law enforcement, and acted awful, all while playing dress up as Hamas terrorists.

If this was truly about Israel’s actions and not about antisemitism or hatred of the American way, these people would not be celebrating Hamas and their costumes.

They would be quick to point out that Hamas has a lot of blood on their hands. Gallons!

Logic and reason are lost on these protesters

.Condemn Israel, make it about casualties of war. Fine.

But when you start cosplaying as terrorists, you’ve lost your point.

The views expressed in the Afternoon Dispatch are those of BillOReilly.com staff.

Bill O’Reilly.com

Every year National Taxpayers Union (NTU) rates U.S. Representatives and Senators on their actual votes—every vote that affects taxes, spending, and debt. Unlike most organizations that publish ratings, we refuse to play the “rating game” of focusing on only a handful of congressional votes on selected issues. The NTU voting study is the fairest and most accurate guide available on congressional spending.

NTU has no partisan ax to grind. All members of Congress are treated the same regardless of political affiliation. Our only constituency is the overburdened American taxpayer. Grades are given impartially, based on the Taxpayer Score.

Taxpayer Score

The Taxpayer Score measures the strength of support for reducing wasteful government spending, opposing higher taxes, and often opposing burdensome regulations that can stifle U.S. economic growth. In general, a higher score is better because it means a member of Congress voted to spend less money.

The Taxpayer Score can range between zero and 100. We do not expect anyone to score a 100, nor has any legislator ever scored a perfect 100—without missing a single vote—in the decades-long history of the comprehensive NTU scoring system. A high score does not mean that the member of Congress was opposed to all spending or all programs. High-scoring members have indicated that they would vote for many programs if the amount of spending were lower or if the spending were offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget. Indeed, a member who still wants to increase spending on some programs can achieve a high score if he or she votes for offsetting cuts. A zero score would indicate that the member of Congress approved every spending increase and opposed every pro-taxpayer reform.

CA – Senate

Feinstein, Diane 14% F

Padilla, Alejandro 13% F

State Average 14% F

CA – House

Panetta, Jimmy 9% F

Lofgren, Susan (Zoe) 10% F

NTU Rates Congress

Who Will Step Up?

By: Bill O’Reilly

June 6, 2024

Pressure is building on President Biden to leave the race, allowing an open Democratic Convention in August. Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine make it quite clear the president’s cognitive problems are getting worse.


Based on his public appearances, I believe that’s true. I mean did you see him walk off the stage after the border announcement this week? Slower steps would have been impossible.

If Mr. Biden falters during the June 27 debate with Donald Trump, he will have to step aside.

Then the question becomes, who will step up? Vice-President Harris will try, but voters believe she is more incompetent than Biden, according to the polls. Cheerleading abortion is not going to save Kamala, who has done absolutely nothing to distinguish herself. She’s a female, Andrew Johnson.

You may have to look him up.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has caused a colossal mess in his state and would be easy for Trump to beat. Who’s left? Pete Buttigieg?

No. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is next. Keep your eye on her if old Joe shuffles out.

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June 10, 2024

Judge Merchan Issues Surprise Alert

Read More

From Carl DeMaio

Check your agenda for tax hikes

I have an appalling story below of how several Republican local elected officials routinely betray us on tax hikes. But first you need to know that the next 6 weeks is a HIGH RISK period for us because this is the time period when local politicians face a deadline to put local tax hikes on the ballot! Here’s how we’re fighting back – and how you can help!

  • Check Your Local Agendas: We need you to be our “eyes and ears” on the ground in your local area to detect and alert us to any effort to put a local tax hike on the ballot. Please monitor local news coverage and check the agenda posted each week for your local city and county council meetings – then let us know immediately so we can also launch opposition to it being placed on the ballot.
  • Tell Local Republicans to Vote NO: Second, if a tax hike is being proposed in your area, you need to contact any Republican elected official on that council and demand they strongly oppose it. You’d be surprised, but we see weak Republican local elected officials cave in and vote for tax hike all the time. (See my outrageous story below.) Let us know which ones are betraying us so we can apply pressure too!
  • Reform CA Voter Guide: Each cycle we flag every tax hike on ANY state or local ballot and urge NO VOTES on all these measures. But we need the funds to prepare and deliver the guide to voters in time!

The next 6 weeks are CRUCIAL that we do as much as we can to block these tax hikes!

Using this “early alert, early action” model, we successfully blocked dozens of local tax hikes in 2022 by keeping them off the ballot! That saves us a LOT of time and money because then we don’t have to run a campaign.

In the last two months alone, I have personally spent over 40 hours of my time arguing with dozens of local elected officials across the state who were squishy votes on tax increases! I describe one of these heated meetings below!

But the bottom line is this: I can’t fight these local tax hikes alone – I need your help!

How Carl DeMaio Takes Local Republican Tax Raisers to the Reform California Woodshed

In the past two months I have met with (or held calls with) over two dozen local Republican elected officials who were thinking of voting to put a tax hike on the November ballot in their area. It’s my job as volunteer chairman of Reform California – and it is not easy to have these conversations.

Let me tell you about one of these heated meetings…

A local elected Republican official received Reform California’s endorsement in the March 2024 Primary after pledging to vote NO on any and all tax hikes. Now that he won his primary, this local elected official broke his pledge and now wants to vote to place a tax hike measure on the ballot this November.

After I informed him he would lose Reform California’s endorsement if he voted to put a tax hike measure on the ballot, he arrogantly told me “well if you do that you’ll split the vote and a Democrat will win the seat.”

My response was “If you vote for a tax hike, we already have a Democrat in the seat – and if we start giving tax-raisers like you a pass, we’ll lose even more seats as we tarnish our brand as the true tax-fighters in California.”

We have since PULLED HIS ENDORSEMENT and will recruit a principled tax fighter against him!

The sad reality is I have conversations like this one with Republican elected officials repeatedly – but fortunately I usually get them to see the light and we succeed in killing these local tax hikes before they get put on the ballot.

Bottomline is this: If you agree that I need to be a hammer against weak local Republicans on these local tax hike measures, I need your help in situations like this!

I can only lead this fight – and pay the price of their being upset – if I can show we have the campaign funds to take action in situations like this to block their endorsements and oppose them if necessary in their next election!

Contribute to Reform California

America’s Most Corrupt Governor

I have called Gavin Newsom America’s most corrupt governor, a title he’s richly earned many times over. Yet he’s just proven it’s always possible to sink lower. Newsom and the Supermajority have concocted a shocking scheme to undermine the initiative to End Prop. 47.

In an unprecedented move, they are ramming through legislation to punish California voters if they pass the initiative. The legislation is a loaded weapon, providing: If voters dare pass End 47 in November, that automatically triggers changes to weaken other criminal laws as retaliation.

The point isn’t just to threaten voters. It’s to lie to them: Newsom will now claim that End 47 is actually a soft-on-crime initiative. This lie, undoubtedly, will appear in the ballot description itself. You can read more about this insane scheme here and click here to take action to stop it.

But there is some good news. In a stinging opinion, the 9th Circuit ruled for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging Los Angeles Unified’s COVID vaccine mandate as unconstitutional. The opinion even reprimands LA Unified for trying to manipulate the federal courts.

In other good news, Biden’s approval rating is now at an all-time low. Newsom’s is also at its all-time worst. We have exposed Newsom’s California and Biden’s America as a disaster wrapped in a catastrophe, and there is now an opportunity for historic change.

Perhaps that’s why a Newsom and Biden aligned Super PAC is already spending large sums on TV ads attacking me. But this weekend’s tremendous turnout at our campaign kickoff showed we are more than ready to fight back.

You can watch here a clip of my kickoff speech. Whatever they throw at us with lies and propaganda, we will fight back twice as hard with truth and patriotism.

Help me fight Newom’s corruption

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A Historic Debacle

June 5, 2024

Earlier this year Newsom “postponed” the State of the State address. We’re nearing June and it hasn’t been rescheduled.

The most publicity-seeking Governor in the country is turning down a major platform – not to mention ignoring a constitutional requirement – because he can’t defend his disastrous record. That’s the true State of our State. But we are making headway against two Newsom disasters:

First, Congress is opening an investigation into California’s “high speed” rail project. The Transportation Committee, which I’ve just joined, is demanding documents on Biden’s decision to award Newsom “substantial federal taxpayer dollars on this highly questionable endeavor.”

The project has been a debacle of historic proportions, tripling to $128 billion with almost nothing built after 15 years. A New York Times exposé found it isn’t on track to be completed this century. A key contractor left for North Africa where it is “less politically dysfunctional.”

Second, we should soon get word that the End Prop. 47 initiative has qualified for the ballot. Yet there is a last-ditch attempt by Newsom to head it off; after years of catering to criminals, the State Senate just approved a so-called “Working Together for a Safer California” bill package.

This is a gambit: none of the bills fixes Prop. 47. Indeed, because Prop. 47 was a voter initiative – falsely labeled the “Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act” – it can only be undone by initiative. Fortunately, we will have that opportunity in November.

Next week is a huge one in DC. Anthony Fauci will appear before Congress, just as the House has uncovered new evidence of a cover-up by Fauci and his associates regarding the origins of COVID.

And at a Judiciary hearing, I’ll have the chance to question a man who’s done enormous damage to our country: Attorney General Merrick Garland. I’ll only get five minutes, but I plan to make the most of them.

Kevin Kiley Blogs

I never imagined this would happen in America….

Left-wing totalitarianism threatens America. Our freedoms are in real peril. Every pillar of American culture—from our Justice Department and Freedom of Speech to media, medicine, and education—is under Soviet-style attack.

Justice Department: About half of our judges and security agencies have become tools of the political elite, weaponizing our government institutions against everyday Americans.

Education: College campuses are intellectual and moral wastelands, brainwashing the next generation to hate America. Students march in support of Hamas. Teachers tell young children to pick their gender and terrify them with doomsday climate hysteria.

Along with you, we can take back America. The task is daunting, but we can save our country, with the right resources and enough resolve. But we don’t have much time.

Donate to PragerU

Volunteers Needed!!!

Hey there, fabulous Republicans of Santa Cruz!

Are you ready to make a difference in our community and beyond? We need passionate volunteers like YOU to join our dynamic team!

We have an exciting opportunity for a Corresponding Secretary who will be the heartbeat of our organization, sending out notes to guests, speakers, sick members, and welcoming new faces with open arms.

Additionally, we need help with call lists and offering rides to ensure everyone can participate in our empowering events. Your skills and time are invaluable in shaping the future of politics and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Step up, be a part of something bigger, and let’s make waves together!

Look Up Your Supervisorial or Assembly District

Calendar of Events

June 13 10a-noonish (Thurs) SCRWF Coffee Talk and Social

California Coffee, 9105 Soquel Drive, Aptos

2nd Tuesday of the month

Contact Duane Adams for more info

June 25 Noon-2p (Tues) SCRWF Monthly Membership Meeting & Luncheon

Speaker Kevin Snider, Pacific Justice Institute

Parental Authority – The Threat of the Government and LGBTQ

July 27th 2p-5:30p (Sat) Membership Wine Social

Mix & Mingle w/local Republican Candidates

Dalila Epperson, Assembly, District 30

Jason Anderson, Congress, District 19

Peter Hernandez, Congress, District 18

Tony Virrueta, Senate, District 17

Nan Su, Senior Editor, Epoch Times

President Jane Armstrong’s decks

$40/person includes drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and company

scrwf.org or Kellie (559) 799-4242


June 11 6p (Tues) Assoc. of Monterey Bay Conservatives

Special Guest Speaker – Daniel Goodwyn

“The Truth about J6”

Bayonet and Black Horse

1 McClure Way, Seaside

$40/person – Tickets Info

June 12 6:45p (Wed) California Republican Assembly

Potluck social time begins at 615pm, meeting starts at 645pm.

Contact Chapter President Mike Lelieur for more information.

(Meet the second Wednesday of the month)

June 13 11:30a-2p (Thurs) Monterey Peninsula RWF

Monthly General Membership Meeting

Kevin McGary, Author

“Get Woke”

Palo Corona Clubhouse, 4860 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley

(Meet second Thursday of the month) more info

June 14 (Fri) President Trump’s Birthday

June 14 4p-6p (Fri) Santa Cruz County Republican Assembly

Patriotic American Flag wave on Flag Day

1239 Branciforte Drive and Hwy 1 Overpass more info

June 16 (Sun) Father’s Day

June 18 4p (Tues) Soledad Republican Club BBQ & Meeting

The Range, 31500 San Vicente, Soledad

Max Schell, District 3 Chairman, Monterey County Republican Party

Schedule of events: 4pm-5:30 pm Opening Shooting. 5:30-6pm, Social & BBQ ($10 donation). 6pm Meeting & Introductions of local candidates.

Everyone is invited to attend. For more information, call Max Schell

June 20 11:30a Check-In (Thurs) West Valley RWF Monthly Mtg

Book Review Discussion of “Power Grab” by Jason Chaffetz

Blue Pheasant, 22100 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino

$32/person includes lunch

Contact Grace (408) 499-1695 or westvalleyrwf@gmail.com

June 20 6p-8p (Thurs) Monterey County Republicans

Sunset Bay Cruise — Cruise to Victory

No host bar! Appetizers! Music! Fun!



Make your reservations now. Contact Karen for more info.

July 2 11:30a (Tues) So. Monterey County RWF

Meet first Tues of the month.

King Kora Restaurant, King City

Info $20 includes sandwich, soup and drink

July 4 Independence Day

July 15-18 (Mon-Wed) Republican National Convention

Milwaukee, WI

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