2024 June 17 Newsletter

2024 June 17 Newsletter

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Keep up to date on Republican issues! June 17, 2024

Collected by President, Jane Armstrong

Compiled by Kellie Fisher ~

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We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Snider from the Pacific Justice Institute will be joining us as a guest speaker at our upcoming event. Kevin will delve into crucial topics surrounding the government and the LGBTQ threats to parental authority, sparking insightful discussions and empowering us with knowledge to drive positive change. This is a unique opportunity for us to come together, stay informed, and amplify our voices in Santa Cruz and beyond. Let’s join forces and make a meaningful impact!

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It’s Debatable

By: Bill O’Reilly

The presidential debate on June 27 is coming up fast. It’s a major exposition in history, not just the election of 2024.

The United States is in decline and both political parties blame the other. Unfortunately, the candidates are despised by many voters, there is absolutely no good will.

The media has allied itself with the Democrats in a stunning display of press corruption. Fairness and factual reporting have largely evaporated.

Enter CNN, the debate host network. It is in serious economic trouble – lowest ratings in its long history. However, CNN is widely distributed around the world. Hundreds of millions will watch the debate or portions of it on social media.

The CNN moderators, Dana Bash, and Jake Tapper, both loathe Donald Trump. There’s no debate on that if you research their reporting and analysis. Even if they weren’t anti-Trump, CNN’s core audience is overwhelmingly liberal. Both moderators would not dare alienate what’s left of their constituency.

Then there’s the “cocktail party” factor. TV people in DC, New York, and Hollywood know social invitations will dry up if they show any sympathy to Trump whatsoever. Don’t underestimate this. A big part of “celebrity” status is having access to the wealthy and famous. “Hanging with the swells,” I call it. Tapper is especially susceptible to this.

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Biden His Time

By: Bill O’Reilly

June 9, 2024

Some observations about President Biden’s interview in Normandy last week with ABC News anchor David Muir. Since I, your humble correspondent, have interviewed six presidents, my take might be worthy.

Muir spoke as much or more than the President in the taped exposition. His questions were relevant, but he did not challenge Mr. Biden, who gave rehearsed answers such as Donald Trump wants to destroy the Constitution. We cannot find any Trump statement even close to that. So, Muir should have asked for backup. The anchor also might have corrected the record when Biden misstated Trump’s “dictator on day one” assertion.


It is not enough for serious journalists to ask important questions. You must push for clarity and accuracy. But be respectful about it.

The President delivered his answers with low energy and rarely deviated from his memorized script. When he did, he sounded foolish. He told Muir he has known Putin for 40 years. Uh-oh. Evil Vlad is 71 and has run Russia for 24 years. So, how did Joe know him 16 years before that, as the dictator was essentially a spy? Camping trip to Siberia?

Seems to be a small point but it’s not because the President of the United States is under scrutiny for his mental fitness.

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Press Releases

June 6, 2024

Judicial Watch: Records Show FBI Provided Democrats with Information on Whistleblowers Who Testified at May 2023 Weaponization Hearing

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 54 pages of records from the Department of Justice in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit which show the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) provided a Democrat staffer with information on FBI whistleblowers who detailed the bureau’s targeting of political opponents and retaliation for their testifying at a May 18, 2023, hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

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What Happens Next with the Trump Trial?

Fighting back: As much of the nation reels from this travesty of justice, experts at Heritage weigh in on what just happened and what will likely come next.

  • “Trump’s legal team will argue that he could not possibly receive a fair trial in Manhattan and that the proceedings were inundated with hostile media coverage and conducted in a ‘carnival atmosphere,’” writes Vice President for the Institute for Constitutional Government John Malcolm.
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Let’s Grow Our Membership

Bring a guest to the June Luncheon who joins as a member and receive a complimentary pass to our exclusive July Membership Wine Social on Saturday, July 27th, 2024, from 2-5:30 p.m. This is your chance to connect with local candidates and engage in stimulating conversations with Nan Su, esteemed Editor from Epoch Times. Join us for an enriching blend of politics and networking!

Every day there is a story in the news about election fraud. Most of them are from the leftists in the media telling you election fraud doesn’t exist. And they continue to lie to you.

In response to the spread of these lies, The Heritage Foundation created the Election Fraud Database. This database contains 1,500 proven instances of election fraud across the country.

To help you navigate difficult conversations surrounding election fraud, The Heritage Foundation has compiled five cases from this database. We put them together in this latest FREE eBook titled: 5 Shocking Cases of Election Fraud.

In the eBook, you’ll read about:

  • Different illegal schemes people used to get their candidate elected
  • The steps our government took to correct the elections
  • The criminal consequences people face for their illegal actions

I hope you use these stories to educate yourself on the destructive impact of election fraud and spread the word to help safeguard our country’s republic.

We need patriots like you to speak up.

To get your free copy of 5 Shocking Cases of Election Fraud today, please click this secure link:


Thank you for being involved in the fight to uphold the conservative principles that make our nation great.

All the best,

Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D.

President, The Heritage Foundation

We will be having a Debate Watch Party on Thursday, June 27th beginning around 5-5:30 p.m. Location to be announced SOON!

Officially the Worst

Gavin Newsom is by far the most unpopular Governor in America. That is the result of a new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California.

Newsom’s approve/disapprove rating is fully 10 percent lower than any other Governor in the latest data. Among Independents, his rating is negative 34 percent; even 28 percent of Democrats disapprove. And just this week, we got a very clear demonstration why.

First, the good news: the Secretary of State just announced the initiative to End Prop. 47 has officially qualified for the November ballot. We did it! Thank you to all who signed the petition and helped spread the word; you have given our state the chance to make crime illegal again.

Yet Newsom wants to rob Californians of this opportunity. He’s trying to hijack the initiative with a “poison pill” that would repeal other public safety laws as punishment for passing it. You can watch Newsom actually admit he is trying to remove the initiative from the ballot.

I’ve written a letter to Newsom from the entire California Republican congressional delegation (covered by Fox News here) denouncing his machinations. And I gave a House Floor Speech lighting up Newsom for the most corrupt scheme in state history.

Fortunately, Newsom’s plan has gotten major bipartisan blowback. The SF Chronicle’s opinion page called it “shady,” and a Democrat Senator withdrew her sponsorship of the bills he’s using as blackmail, saying Californians “have the right to vote” on the initiative.

Meanwhile, in D.C., the full House voted to hold Merrick Garland in contempt. I took part in the Floor Debate with a blistering 2-minute speech. And we just received word I’ll have the chance to question Alvin Bragg directly: he appears before the Judiciary Committee on July 12.

A follow up from Kevin Kiley:

I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s post with some breaking news. The Secretary of State just announced the initiative to End Prop. 47 has officially qualified for the November ballot.

Thank you so much for being part of this movement to make crime illegal again in California.

While we still have to fend off the corrupt scheme to undermine the initiative, I wanted to just take a moment to celebrate this important moment.

We the people of California are showing that decline and failure are not inevitable. We have taken the most important step in recent memory to set our state on a new course.

Defying the Voters

I have good news and bad news. The good news is the End Prop. 47 initiative is now virtually certain to have qualified for the ballot. The bad news is that our state’s politicians have come up with a shockingly cynical scheme to try to undermine it.

As the initiative was gathering signatures, the Governor and legislative leaders put together their own package of bills supposedly designed to combat retail theft. But the bills were quite limited; they did not – and could not – address the problems of Prop. 47.

Now we know the purpose of these bills. The Supermajority is adding a provision saying that if our initiative is passed by voters in November, the bills will be automatically repealed. It truly defies belief: they’re making it so their own bills will be repealed if voters pass the initiative.

What’s the point of this? To mislead voters as to what the initiative is about. Outrageously, opponents will now claim our initiative is actually soft-on-crime, because they’ve made it so passing it will trigger the repeal of these other bills. They’ll even twist the wording on the ballot.

We must fight back and save the initiative. The Legislature plans to move forward with the scheme this week. See here how you can contact your legislator and tell them not to go along with it.

Our opponents are playing political games because they know the initiative will pass. Californians are tired of having to hide their jewelry to walk outside, to get a clerk to open a lock just to buy shampoo, to wade through homeless tents taking their kids to school.

This ploy is a desperate, disgraceful attempt to defy the will of the voters and keep our state on a downward spiral. Now is the moment for Californians of all party affiliations to come together and say enough his enough.

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Kevin Kiley

California Congressman

Kevin Kiley Blogs


Providing the Sense

of Current Events

June 16, 2024


“There will come a time when the rich will own all the media, and it will be impossible for the public to make an informed opinion” – Albert Einstein (circa 1949). Are we there yet?

There is no place here for glee over the Jury finding Hunter Biden guilty of three felonies. But does that not take the edge off President Biden calling his opponent a convicted felon?

You may refuse to vote for a convicted felon, but will elect the guy deemed unfit to be tried?

You are not fully grown until you learn how to communicate, be truthful, accept responsibility for your words and acts without blaming others and – finally – to apologize,

Dear little snowflake: while you are screaming “my body, my choice” and other self-indulgences, don’t neglect also to make the admission: “my student loan, my duty”.

Today’s illegals are tomorrow’s democrats, which is the only rational explanation for Joe Biden’s open border policies – including open invitations to anyone, anywhere, unconditionally.

Biden announced he would now obey one of our immigration laws (but only until November 6).

Isn’t this just another of his election shams, since the Supreme Court previously found such orders illegal when Trump did it?

If Donald Trump is so evil, then why is it not his followers who are killing cops, burning our cities, destroying property, raiding our stores, and assaulting innocent bystanders.

President Trump brokered peace deals between Israel and UAR, Sudan, Morocco, and Bahrain.

President Biden promoted wars between Israel and Palestine and Iran, also Russia and Ukraine.

Also, Biden cannot bring any peace to the Middle East; but he does fund both sides of the War.

The US is quietly expanding its nuclear arsenal, signaling the start of another cold war.

If Russia really wanted to impress Cuba (not just drive US crazy) they would have brought food and toilet paper.

Please put that “Build Back Better” joke back the box, and kindly – finally – leave us alone.

The best way to get that Harvard liberal arts graduate off of your front porch is to pay him quickly for the pizza.

Britain will now ban teaching gender identity to children; sadly they are way ahead of us.

If you do not want or can’t repay your student loan, just return your worthless diploma.

Our elected mis-leaders tell students today to study, get a good job, and work hard – so they can distribute your earnings to those who do not. Are we ready to abolish the Income Tax now?

The “science” you are not allowed to question is merely propaganda, not true Science.

You are being told to drive only EV’s, but must lower your AC usage there and at home to preserve our electric grid which is overrun when under duress. Just how gullible are you?

Carbon Dioxide is Earth’s greatest plant food…and we are trying to abolish it for a pipe dream.

China is unconcerned about Climate Change because they already have a communist government

Internal Coup: the DC National Guard was ready to deploy on January 6, 2021, but the Pentagon held them back. Does anyone want to ask why – at the risk of being de-platformed, or worse?

Barack, Joe, and Hillary have gotten away with every crime Trump has been accused of.

Our elected leaders are intentionally dividing us to distract us from their looting of our country.

In addition to emasculating boys, the socialists are “curing” what they call ADHD, which is merely natural boyhood. Give them greater freedom to be who and where they want to be.

If you are looking for some time alone, try attending a Biden campaign rally.

White people comprise a healthy 8% of the total world population. Is extinction drawing near?

Nearly half of listed online job openings are fake – posted to make companies look healthy.

On the average, each year the wealth of a U. S. Senator increased by $1,600,000, on a salary of only $174,000. You can guess where the rest comes from, then know why we need term limits.

ENVY was once an “Original Sin”; now it is called “Social Justice”.

If genitals do not define “gender”, how does removing them affirm it??

The new rainbow crosswalk cost the city of Atlanta $196,000. Do its citizens feel better now?

Huge office buildings in most big cities, and dormitories in major universities all across the nation, are places with too much of good thing. Let’s re-purpose them into housing the homeless.

College campus protesting across the nation has turned free speech into organized crime.

When, exactly, did the American flag morph into a hateful right wing Maga extremist symbol?

Life as you know it is over if you vote for that felon Donald Trump. Yes, then you can go back to having a secure border, no new DIE regs, lower taxes, lower inflation, plenty of cheap gasoline.

June 12, 2024

Initiative Series #1 – on November Ballot

SCA 2 – Article 34 Repeal

SCA 2 proposes to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution with the goal of making it legal to build low-income and public housing in California’s cities. California NIMBY

Originally passed in 1950, Article 34 gives wealthy California neighborhoods veto power over affordable housing, enabling ongoing segregation and preventing housing from being built where it is needed most.

If voters approve SCA 2 on the ballot, it will:

  • Empower local governments to address low-income housing and homelessness by removing obstacles that prevent needed housing from being built.
  • Lead to more equitable housing outcomes and help address California’s severe shortage of subsidized affordable housing.
  • Save taxpayer dollars by eliminating red tape and prohibitive local fees, making it cheaper to build publicly-funded affordable housing projects.

Updates: SCA 2 passed the State Senate on 1/26/22 by a vote of 37-0. It passed the State Assembly on 8/31/22 by a vote of 73-0. It will appear on the ballot in November 2024.

Senate Analysis and More

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