EIPCa Legislative Alert

EIPCa Legislative Alert

June 13, 2024 —


June 13 Legislative Alert


To paraphrase Thomas Paine, Government is an evil, but a necessary one.

Since the U.S. Constitution declares that We the People ARE the government, that makes the need to commit a certain amount of effort the Keep the Republic, though at times intrusive and stressful, absolutely NECESSARY.

EIPCa attempts to make it as easy for you as possible, but a certain amount of email, letter and/or post card writing, as well as phoning is the only way to maintain a modicum of control over those elected to carry out your will.

Your California legislators need to hear from you.

As the 2023-2024 legislative session continues into its second half, many bills are on the verge of being passed, and others of being rejected.

Don’t let either happen without expressing your opinion! Your email or phone call to your own legislator speaks louder than any EIPCa spokesperson at a committee meeting.

Below is some information to help guide you in making your opinions known:

  • Find your State Assembly and Senate representatives.
  • Determine on which Committees your representatives serve, put their names into your favorite search engine, and find their website.
  • If your representative serves on one of the Committees that will soon be hearing and voting on a bill of interest to you, contact that person ASAP via email or phone and request a yes or no vote, as you desire, in Committee.
  • If your representative does not serve on a Committee that will be hearing a bill of concern, contact that person ASAP and request your desired vote when the bill comes up for a floor vote.
  • Craft a brief, personal and intelligent argument for your point of view.
  • Contact your Assembly Member if the bill is being heard in Assembly Committees.
  • Contact your Senator if the bill is being heard in Senate Committees.
  • Use EIPCa’s legislative position letters to assist you in evaluating your stance on the bills and formulating your talking points.

Election bills officially supported or opposed by EIPCa:

AB 544 (Bryan), to be heard June 18 in the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional AmendmentsRead EIPCa’s opposition letter.

  • Requires in-person voting for eligible incarcerated individuals
  • Extra efforts to register prisoners
  • No protection of privacy specified
  • No mention of observer accommodation
  • Leads to possible intimidation and disparate treatment
  • Expensive


AB 2050 (Wendy Carrillo), to be heard June 18 in the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments and on July 2 in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Read EIPCa’s opposition letter.

AB 2050 is virtually identical to AB 1206 which was killed in the Assembly Appropriations Committee in the first legislative session. For further arguments in opposition to AB 2050, read AB 1206 opposition letter dated 3/20/2023 and AB 1206 opposition letter dated 4/5/2023.

AB 2050 recently passed the Assembly floor vote with ALL Democrats voting yes, ONE Republican voting NO and ALL the rest of the Republicans choosing not to vote.

This clear partisanship coupled with dereliction of duty is NOT what these people were elected to display. Be sure they get your guidance in the future.

This bill greatly enhances the probability that more ineligible registrants will be added to the California voter rolls, including non-citizens (legal and illegal), whose citizenship status will be undetectable.

EIPCa urges you to oppose it vehemently at all levels as it goes through the Senate Committee and floor vote process.


AB 2627 (Pellerin), to be heard soon in the Assembly Appropriations Committee Read EIPCa’s opposition letter

  • Establishes a Civic Learning, Outreach and Engagement Fund within the General Fund
  • Uses Fund for grants (min. 3 years) to counties to integrate voter registration and pre-registration with civic education and engagement and coordinate with schools
  • Priority to counties with lower registration and participation rates.
  • 5% of fund to pay administrators of Fund
  • No grade levels specified
  • CA is beyond broke—needs to get spending under control before starting more expensive programs.
  • Already part of HS curriculum


SB 929 (Min), to be heard soon in the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments.  Read EIPCa’s opposition letter.

  •  Gives SOS unilateral authority to judge whether presidential candidates qualify with respect to 14th Amendment, and place them on ballot or not based on that judgement.
  • SCOTUS has already determined that Congress alone has that authority


SB 1174 (Min), to be heard soon in the Assembly Committee on Elections. Read EIPCa’s opposition letter.

  • Disallows any municipality from requiring voter ID for local elections


Election bills not yet officially supported or opposed by EIPCa,

but needing public input:

AB 1688 (Sanchez), to be heard soon in the Senate Appropriations Committee. EIPCa has not filed a letter, but generally supports the bill.

  • Authorizes SOS to seek agreement with federal SS Admin to facilitate availability of death statistics
  • Requires SOS to adopt regs for transfer of stats by 1/1/2026
  • Beginning 1/1/26, info must be used to cancel registrations
  • Should it take until 2026 to accomplish this? Why not earlier?
  • Alarming this isn’t already in place!


AB 1795 (Wendy Carrillo), to be heard soon in the Assembly Committee on Elections. EIPCa has not filed a letter, but generally supports the bill.

  • No candidate can run for 2 offices at once


AB 2127 (Berman), to be heard soon in the Senate Committee on Transportation.  EIPCa has not filed a letter with respect to this bill, but generally opposes it.

  • Extends Motor Voter task force through 2030 (from 2025)
  • No evidence of anything being “fixed” as a result of this task force so far.
  • Expensive and wasteful bureaucracy


AB 2605 (Essayli), to be heard soon in the Assembly Committee on Elections. EIPCa has not filed a letter with respect to this bill, but generally supports it.

  • Requires internet posting of certification of voting systems.


AB 2642 (Berman), to be heard soon in the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments.

EIPCa has not filed a letter with respect to this bill. We do not oppose efforts to maintain the safety of everyone, workers and public, during the election process, but we see this bill as redundant and based on unfounded assertions. It is being rushed through as an URGENCY bill.

  • URGENCY bill
  • Anyone in no-electioneering zone displaying a fire arm, real or otherwise, will be assumed to have the intent of intimidation and can be prosecuted
  • Justified by trumped-up hysteria and irresponsible and unsupported assertions of imminent danger to elections officials
  • Not needed – current law is sufficient
  • May leave opening for intimidation of observers and voters


SB 986 (Seyarto), to be heard soon in the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments. EIPCa has not filed a letter with respect to this bill, but generally supports it.

  • Fiscal impact of initiatives required to be in ballot label
  • This bit of truth in advertising would be refreshing

Please continue to support EIPCa as the lawsuit progresses.

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EIPCa is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) charity. Contributions are tax deductible.

Linda Paine, President and Co-founder,
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