FAIR’s aggressive plan to take back our borders

FAIR’s aggressive plan to take back our borders


Here is our action plan for 2024:

Fight Against Amnesty. What I’m especially proud of here at FAIR is how we have been able to hold the line against amnesty for decades! FAIR has always been in the breach to kill proposal after proposal that would have blown open mass illegal immigration forever. We did it in 2006, 2007, 2013, and again in 2023 as the lame duck session of Congress came to an end, and repeatedly on a smaller scale nearly every year of our existence. It is important to understand that billions more people are on the planet now than when we were founded. The migration pressure has grown more and more every year. FAIR kills, on average, a half dozen legislative proposals in Congress every year. We won’t give up fighting amnesty.

Pre-eminent Legislative Advocacy. No one advocates in Congress with more respected and hands-on expertise than FAIR’s Government Relations (GR) professionals. With decades of professional and legal expertise on the Hill and in the Executive Branch, and anchored by activists from almost every state, FAIR’s GR team monitors, analyzes, advises and advocates for the strongest legislative language feasible within any prevailing political environment. It was FAIR, in 2023, that helped craft and pass in the House the landmark bill, H.R. 2, known as The Secure the Border Act, which has served as a blueprint for legislative advancements this Congress.

Decisive Influence Over State/Local Actions. Over the years, no one has done more at the state and local level to advance good policies than FAIR. From Proposition 187 in California to Arizona’s Proposition 200 and SB1070, to legislative proposals across the country, FAIR has been your advocate pushing states and local governments to do the right thing. It was FAIR that crafted the state E-Verify bill that led to a landmark Supreme Court case affirming the right of states to enact mandatory E-Verify compliance laws. It is this decision that has energized our grassroots base to pass these laws in state after state. Most major state laws, local ordinances, and initiatives that help enforce immigration laws have been initiated or guided in large measure by FAIR.

In recent years, FAIR has helped 18 states pass important pro-enforcement legislation! In 2024, FAIR will continue its work in many states across America to push for an end to sanctuary states and cities and improved federal-state enforcement cooperation as we battle toe-to-toe with the ACLU and other irresponsible actors who work tirelessly to sabotage our nation’s borders.

Battle in the Courts. FAIR has the most advanced and developed litigation support capability in the nation with an exclusive focus on suing in court to stop bad and illegal immigration policies. FAIR’s allied supporting organization, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), established by FAIR in 1985, operates to support FAIR’s mission in the nation’s courts across the land. IRLI is working on hundreds of cases at any given time challenging illegal actions by the Biden Administration while supporting and defending states whose immigration laws FAIR helped enact. The FAIR/IRLI one-two punch is simply unparalleled by any other organization dedicated to the defense of our borders. Your support has enabled hundreds of positive court decisions over the decades and has been especially effective in curtailing some of the most abusive policies of the Biden Administration.

Work with Front-line Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Advocates. Key to pressuring the federal government to do its job on the border is our ability to mount pressure from state and local law enforcement – the folks on the front lines! FAIR has the most extensive and active network of law enforcement personnel focused on immigration in the nation. From our law enforcement network to our “border school” and coordinated D.C. lobbying operations, no one does more to engage elected sheriffs and law enforcement officers across the nation in a unified advocacy force for better border controls.

Expose Corruption and Fraud. FAIR investigates and exposes corruption in the immigration system, especially the current policies encouraging fraud and abuse. As the immigration crisis has worsened from the days of Abscam – an official investigation of a Member of Congress for taking a bribe to introduce a private bill on behalf of an FBI agent posing as an Arab Sheik – immigration benefits have been the target of endemic fraud. FAIR works hard to expose this fraud through its investigations and our research program. Accelerated official corruption has been the result of a politicized agenda that has caused immigration to become an extension of a quest for political power and control. Supporting FAIR means you have an independent voice exposing the scope and degree of fraud in, for example, asylum and parolee admissions.

Expose the Truth: Investigations and Research that Impact the Nation. 45 years of investigations and research by FAIR have yielded a vast array of expert reports and analysis on the demise of immigration enforcement and its impact on every aspect on American society. From education to health care, from the environment to the overall quality of life, FAIR has done a professional analysis of how mass immigration costs and impacts the things Americans value most. Each and every day, FAIR’s research team is digging into – and uncovering – the data and information that the government either is hiding or obscuring from the American people. Both states and the federal government have made finding core data nearly impossible and have purposely obscured the cost shifting and taxpayer burdens inherent in open-borders policies. FAIR’s staff gets to the bottom at every level. No one produces more timely and relevant research on major policy changes than FAIR. Recent major reports have included a detailed, comprehensive analysis of the fiscal burdens on American taxpayers and the devastating impacts mass immigration has had on our nation’s schools.

Grassroots Mobilization FAIR’s national digital platform reaches millions of Americans and has the nation’s largest border security grassroots mobilization capability found anywhere. Together, FAIR’s topline technical expertise, savvy outreach, and robust grassroots activist network help restore sovereignty to the nation’s borders. Signing up online at www.fairus.org/join-fairs-activist-network gives activists not only unlimited tools for impactful action, but vital educational videos and up-to-the-minute news content to ensure each person’s advocacy can be as effective as possible. The “FAIR Federation” YouTube channel has nearly 100 million views and the entire digital platform showcases FAIR contributions in the form of TV, radio and print interviews, podcasts, blogs, and the entire range of social media outlets.

Proven effective targeted digital ad campaigns. FAIR has a regular program of online advertising to put pressure on policymakers most critical to our long-term success. YouTube advertising enables FAIR to micro-target the precise locations and demographics to achieve maximum effectiveness at reasonable cost. This has been used effectively to: a) shift voter opinion in measurable ways; b) stop bad legislation; and c) encourage swing-state Members of Congress to do the right thing.

We are attacking the problem on all fronts and will continue to do so in 2024 with your help. For 45 years, FAIR has effectively stood up to powerful politicians and special interests who seek to decimate our American immigration system. FAIR must stand in the fire and seize the momentum to produce a total turnaround in 2024.  We will succeed with your partnership and generous support.

Help us restore sanity and order to our immigration system.

Dan Stein

FAIR President