There was recently a time when what seemed to be unfolding to us was a huge intellectual error for the history books. A new virus had come along and everyone was freaking out about it –  and eliminating all normal social functioning. The excuse turns out to be just the cover story. Still, it bears examination. To begin, even though plenty of outside commentators said the pathogen should be handled in the normal way – that is with known treatment and calm while those most susceptible stayed cautious until endemicity – some people on the inside fell prey to a great fallacy. They had come to believe computer models over known realities. They thought that if you could just separate everyone and drive down infections, then the virus would die out.

This was never a plausible scenario, as anyone who knew something about the history of pandemics would report. All known experience stood against this cockamamie scheme. The science was very clear and widely available: lockdowns do not work. Physical interventions in general achieve nothing. But they said this was the perfect opportunity for an experiment born of new thinking, so they would give it a whirl – no matter the actual consequences. When it became clear that the lockdowners had gained sway over policy, many of us rightly wondered how long can this really last? A week, maybe two, and then we would be done? But then something rather predictable happened: the money began to flow – and flow some more. The leaders of the several states thought that was awesome so they kept it up. The money printers went to work – and general chaos broke out: social, cultural, educational, economic, and political.

It all happened so very fast. The months rolled on with no break in the narrative. It all too soon became completely crazy: shelter in place, maintain social distancing, close churches and restaurants, etc. .There seemed to be very few critics. We didn’t know it at the time but we were being silenced by a new machinery that had already been constructed for this purpose. Among things which were censored was criticism of the inoculation potion that was being rolled out and which would eventually be forced on populations all over the world. They said it was 95 percent effective, but it wasn’t clear what that could mean. No coronavirus had ever been controlled by any vaccination. This could not be true and it wasn’t true. The shot did not stop the spread.

Many people may have said this at the time, but we were not allowed to hear them. Their voices were muffled or silenced. The social media companies had already been taken over by government-connected interests working on behalf of intelligence agencies. We had previously believed that these tools were designed to increase our connections with others and enable free speech, and they were, but now they were being used only to broadcast a preset regime narrative. Into the vacuum strange industrial shifts took place. Gas cars were deprecated in favor of a new experiment in electric vehicles, thanks to intense consumer demand caused by shortages owing to supply chain breakages. Digital learning platforms got a huge boost because physical classrooms were closed. Online ordering and doorstep delivery became the rage because people were told not to leave their homes to go shopping, and small businesses were forcibly closed.

The pharma companies were riding high of course, gradually acculturating the population to a subscription model. There were attempts to convert whole countries to a health passport system. New York City tried this, along with actual physical segregation of the entire city, with the vaccinated considered clean while the unvaccinated were not allowed into restaurants, libraries, or theaters. The digital app didn’t work however, so that plan fell apart pretty quickly. All of this happened in less than one year. What began as an intellectual error in public health ended up looking like a digital coup d’état. Coups of the past featured rebel armies from the hills storming the cities and joined by the military as they invaded the palace and the leader and his family fled in a carriage or helicopter depending on the epoch. This was different. It was organized and planned by intelligence agencies within the structure of the global state, a great reset to reject the forms of the past and replace them all with a new dystopia.

Initially, the people who said this was a great reset were derided as crazed conspiracy theorists. But then it turned out that the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, had written a book by the very title that you could buy from Amazon. It turns out to be H.G. Wells’s “The Open Conspiracy” updated for 21st-century technology. There was much more than that. There was an angle to all of this that impacts the mechanisms we use for democratic control of societies. Buried in the flurry of bills shoved through in March 2020 was a liberalization of balloting and voting that would never have been tolerated before. In the name of social distancing, mail-in ballots would become the norm, along with the known irregularities they introduce. Much as you may doubt it, this too was part of the plan. And the old theories no longer explained the world as it was unfolding. It caused all of us to rethink what we might accept as being the old norm.

Looking back, we should have known something was up at the outset. There were too many anomalies. Were the people in charge really so stupid as to believe that you can make a virus go away by making everyone stay home? You cannot control the microbial kingdom this way, and surely everyone with a modicum of intelligence knows this. Another clue: there never was an exit plan. At least, we were never given one. What exactly was fourteen days of frozen activity going to achieve? What was the benchmark of success? While we were never told, the elites in the media and government simply encouraged fear – and then met that fear with ridiculous protocols like dousing ourselves with sanitizers, masking while walking, and presuming every other person is a disease vector.

This should be viewed as psychological warfare. We need to know to what end and how ambitious are any hidden plans for us? A full four years later we are still not grasping the fullness of what was going down. Those of us schooled in the persistent incompetence of government to get anything right, much less deploy a plan with anything like precision, begin to accept elaborate conspiracy theories of plots and schemes. We err when we just don’t believe them. This is why it took us so long to see the fullness of what was deployed in March 2020, a scheme that combined a plethora of seemingly disparate governmental/industrial ambitions, which were very much global in scope. This whole model truly stretches the bounds of plausibility. And yet all the evidence points to a digital-age coup d’état unlike anything humanity has ever experienced. It may take awhile for us to process this reality – then we should be ready to do something about it.

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