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January 16, 2023

Celebrating Martin Luther King

A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor noted the crafting of a new 22 foot high statue to be installed in the
Boston Commons, of MLK and his wife embraced in a dance. It is intended to be permanent (aren’t they all?)
and we should look forward to seeing it.

November 28, 2022

AB351 Reduction of Human Remains

AB 351 Reduction of human remains and disposition of reduced human remains – This bill, commencing January 1, 2027, would require the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau within the Department of Consumer Affairs to license and regulate reduction facilities
and would enact requirements applicable to reduction facilities

October 12, 2022


Like him or not, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit a home run with his flamboyant act of transporting 50 illegal aliens to the haven from reality that is Martha’s Vineyard. Immediately the Fake News folks and the self-righteous Dems were flummoxed – so much so that they granted DeSantis heroic status:

October 7, 2022

Where Are the Workers?

The President’s boast about the recovering economy neglects to admit that “new employment” was actually just a 3/4 “recovery” of the employment lost during Covid. Mostly, however, there has been a labor shortage that has been something of a solace
to those with jobs

August 27, 2022

The Final Month – Kevin Kiley

A court has struck down San Francisco’s law allowing non-citizens to vote. Voting, the judge explained, is a right reserved for U.S. citizens. It’s amazing this needed to be said.