Prop. 47 Initiative

Prop. 47 Initiative


The signature deadline for the initiative to End Prop. 47 is now a month away. Over 600,000 people have signed, and it’s vital we keep up the pace through April 23. Please share with anyone who would like to sign.

Despite broad support for the initiative, California’s political leaders are refusing to back it. Instead, with crime spiraling out of control in Oakland, Governor Newsom dramatically announced a “law enforcement surge operation” in the city. We’ve seen this movie before:

  • Last April, Newsom announced more CHP in LA to “crack down” on retail theft.
  • In September, he announced 20 National Guard were off to the border to “crack down” on fentanyl.
  • In October, he announced sending the Guard into San Francisco to “take down” the “poison peddlers.”
This game of Whack-a-Mole, of course, is a hopeless one; reckless policies are what’s causing crime to spin out of control and the border crisis to worsen. It’s the policies that must be changed – and we’re building momentum to change them.
In addition to the End 47 initiative, I’ve introduced legislation in Congress to undo the Sanctuary State. I am also asking the Supreme Court to help put a stop to California’s homelessness crisis; my amicus brief urges the Court to allow cities to clear encampments in public spaces.
This comes as new Census numbers show 338,371 people moved out of California last year. In San Francisco, it’s even worse. I recently gave a speech on the Floor of the House of Representatives titled “The Collapse of San Francisco,” which began:
If California offers a preview of where our country is headed, San Francisco offers an even starker warning. This is the part of our state where failed policies, radical politics, and public corruption are in their most advanced stage – and where residents are most rapidly fleeing.”

(Watch the full 15-minute address here)

This year offers a chance to change course – to save this beautiful city, to turn around our state, and to prevent the rest of the country from going down the same path.
Kevin Kiley

California Congressman