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United States Senate

The Senate is composed of 100 Members—two from each state, regardless of population or area—elected by the people in accordance with the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. Each Senator has one vote. Learn about previous and upcoming floor proceedings and scheduled hearings, Senate committees and members. Explore the Senate’s paintings, sculpture and art, and read about the history of women in the Senate.


United States House of Representatives

The House is the only branch of government that has been directly elected by American voters since its formation in 1789. Unlike the Senate, the House is not a continuing body. Its Members must stand for election every two years, after which it convenes for a new session and essentially reconstitutes itself. Watch live and recent House proceedings, learn about House committees and membership, and review recent votes.

United States House Of Representatives


California State Assembly

On each Assemblymember’s Home Page you will find his/her email address, Capitol and District addresses and phone numbers, the Member’s biography, a list of all the legislation authored by that Assemblymember, his/her committee memberships, press releases and other publications, district links, and more.

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California State Senate

On each Senator’s Home Page you will find his/her contact information, Capitol and District addresses and phone numbers, a map of the district, the Member’s Bio, a list of all the legislation authored by that Senator, his/her committee memberships, press releases and other publications, district links, and more. Not all Senators have a public email address.

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Santa Cruz County Government

Make your voice heard in Santa Cruz County through active participation on government committees, commissions, and boards.

The Board appoints residents of Santa Cruz County to positions on more than 40 advisory bodies established to provide advice and recommendations to the Board in a variety of subject areas, as well as to a few agencies which, while note advisory to the Board of Supervisors, include representatives appointed by the Board.

Seal Of Santa Cruz County

Register To Vote

Here you can review the requirements to register to vote in Santa Cruz County. Learn how to register, change your mailing address, name or party.

Register To Vote

Santa Cruz Republican YouTube Channel

Santa Cruz Republican YouTube Channel.  View videos by notable speakers to stay up to date on all the latest political issues.

Santa Cruz Republicans Logo


Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. Through its educational endeavors, Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people. Judicial Watch fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations, and public outreach.

Judicial Watch

Prager U

We promote American values through the creative use of educational videos that reach millions of people online. As a 501© (3) nonprofit, Prager University Foundation (“PragerU”) offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education. Whether you’re searching for a deeper understanding, a new perspective, or a way to get involved, PragerU helps people of all ages think and live better. With 4.1 billion views & counting, our videos are changing the conversation about American ideas.


Reform California

California’s Election is underway and ballots must be returned by November 5, 2024. With a bunch of confusing ballot measures and hundreds of candidates running for office, voters can feel overwhelmed and lost.

2024 offers a real chance for a wave election to block costly tax hikes and elect common-sense leaders – but to do that we need your help in turning out your friends, family and neighbors to vote and share this easy-to-understand voter guide with them!

Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers’ rights, including the right to limited taxation, the right to vote on tax increases, and the right to economic, equitable, and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Howard Jarvis Foundation

National Tax Payer’s Union

Founded in 1969, National Taxpayer’s Union (NTU) is the “Voice of America’s Taxpayers.” Our mission is to achieve favorable policy outcomes using the most effective pro-taxpayer team on Capitol Hill and in the states. Our lobbying skills, media savvy, policy expertise, and reputation for advancing pragmatic solutions are unrivaled.

National Tax Payers Union

Citizens United

Citizens United is an organization dedicated to restoring our government to citizens’ control. Through a combination of education, advocacy, and grassroots organization, Citizens United seeks to reassert the traditional American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security. Citizens United’s goal is to restore the founding father’s vision of a free nation, guided by the honesty, common sense, and goodwill of its citizens.

Citizens United

Pacific Research Institute

The mission of the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) is to champion freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility for all individuals by advancing free-market policy solutions. Since its founding in 1979, PRI has remained steadfast in the vision of a free and civil society where individuals can achieve their full potential. Put simply; public policy is too important to be left just to the experts. Individuals are the real decision-makers when it comes to their schools, health care, and environment. PRI reinforces this ideal by providing you with the information, inspiration, and opportunity to make decisions about the daily issues that matter most to you. The Institute’s activities include publications, events, media commentary, legislative testimony, and community outreach.

Pacific Research Institute

Federation of American Immigration Reform

FAIR seeks to reduce overall immigration to a more normal level. Reducing legal immigration levels from well over one million presently to 300,000 a year over a sustained period will allow America to manage growth, address environmental concerns, and maintain a high quality of life.

FAIR puts the interests of American citizens and future generations ahead of big business and partisan demands.

Federation of American Immigration Reform

Eip-CA Election Integrity Project

The Election Integrity Project® California (EIPCa) is a nonpartisan group of U.S. citizen volunteers seeking to fulfill our duty to actively participate in the governing of our state/country, a government of, by, and for the people by helping to ensure the integrity of that part of our Republic through which citizens exercise our most fundamental right ~ the right to choose our representatives by fair and honest elections.

Eip-CA Election Integrity Project