Stand with Israel

Stand with Israel

October 7, 2023

Ron Nehring -Former Chairman, California Republican Party (2007 – 2011)


I am horrified by the scenes coming out of from Israel, and the reports I have received from friends in the country this afternoon.

The attack on Israel by Iran through its proxy, the Hamas terrorist group, is unprecedented.

Not since 1973 has America’s ally Israel faced an attack of this kind.

For the last six years, I’ve traveled to Israel with my colleagues to help train Israeli conservatives to win in the public policy arena, and to effectively communicate what is happening on the ground in that troubled part of the world.

A few years ago I helped to bring a delegation of Republican leaders including county Republican chairmen and elected officials from California, Nevada and Arizona to Israel to see first-hand the challenges faced by our Israeli friends.

I have spent today following the developments closely and checking in on as many of our friends and colleagues as possible.

Many Israelis have been murdered and injured while others have been taken hostage and hauled back to the Gaza strip by the terrorists.

The events taking place in Israel, including the kidnapping of Israelis, while others have been murdered only to have their bodies paraded trough Gaza City, demands a swift and overwhelming response.

I have made a donation to Jewish National Fund and their efforts to provide shelter and additional ambulances and emergency equipment to first responders during this crisis.

This will not be over in a day, or a week. Hamas started what they know will be a prolonged conflict.

They are betting those of us in the civilized world will do nothing, or over time lose interest in what they have done.

If you too are outraged by what these terrorists are doing to innocent people, may I ask that you consider making a donation to support our Israeli friends as well?

Every military conflict is simultaneously a communications conflict, so I urge you to share your support for Israel through your own network.

America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East is under relentless attack from a brutal terrorist organization that at this very hour is targeting civilians.  I’m confident that ultimately, our Israeli friends will win — but victory will come at great cost. Please join me in taking action today.

Thank you for your leadership.

All the best,

Ron Nehring

Former Chairman, California Republican Party (2007 – 2011)