The Threats Against America

The Threats Against America

Katie Pavlich  3/27/24

“Border security is a big piece of national security. And if we don’t know who is coming into our country and we don’t know what their intent is, that is a threat. And they’re exploiting a vulnerability that’s on our border right now.”

Those are the alarming words of United States Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, stating damning facts the Biden administration refuses to accept. 

Owens isn’t alone in his assessment. 

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently set off alarm bells about the kinds of individuals an open border is benefiting.

“From an FBI perspective: we are seeing a wide array of very dangerous threats that emanate from the border, and that includes drug trafficking. The FBI alone seized enough fentanyl in the last two years to kill 270 million people. That’s just on the fentanyl side. An awful lot of the violent crime in the United States is at the hands of gangs, who are themselves involved in the distribution of that fentanyl,” Wray said during March testimony in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. 

“There is a particular network where some of the overseas facilitators of the smuggling network have ISIS ties that we’re very concerned about, and that we’ve been spending an enormous amount of effort with our partners to investigate,” Wray continued. 

Here at Townhall, we work day in and day out to document these warnings, highlight threats against our country and shame the criminals breaking our laws. 

We report on who Border Patrol is apprehending and detail their criminal histories. 

Pedophiles, murderers, rapists and, of course, terrorists, too. 

Men like this are entering the U.S. every single day. But it’s the ones we don’t know about, the “gotaways,” that cause the most concern. 

The majority of so-called “journalists,” whose job is to adequately inform the public, refuse to report on these facts. We make it a priority. 


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