The WHO Director-General is about to become the World Health Dictator

The WHO Director-General is about to become the World Health Dictator

The WHO’s 194 member nations are being asked to vote on two documents this May that will transfer unprecedented powers to the WHO. Here’s what is happening:

A new Pandemic Treaty is being proposed that would legalize worldwide use of experimental, liability-free vaccines, impose health censorship and much more.

Major amendments to the International Health Regulations are being proposed that give the WHO the power to impose worldwide lockdowns, vaccine mandates and much more.

If either one passes it will be a massive attack on our civil rights, Constitutions, and our national sovereignty and individual autonomy.

  1. Nations will be forced to pass laws to allow unlicensed, rapidly-produced and liability-free vaccines to be used for future pandemics.
  2. The WHO will be able to impose global vaccine mandates, lockdowns, quarantines and border closures.
  3. The WHO Director-General (who isn’t a physician) would become your physician–deciding which treatments you will get, which will be restricted, and what information you and your doctor will be allowed to see.
  4. The WHO will require nations to surveil their citizens’ online activities and censor all information that does not agree with the WHO’s health narratives.
  5. The WHO is building a biowarfare agent library: requiring that nations share “potential pandemic pathogens” (a.k.a. biological warfare agents), decode their genomes in high containment labs, and place their sequences online in public databases–virtually guaranteeing lab escapes and more pandemics.
  6. The WHO is negotiating major amendments to its International Health Regulations in secret, and we may not find out what is in them until after they have passed. Why are they secret?
  7. The WHO removed human rights in the International Health Regulations amendments. The WHO thinks our basic human rights are negotiable!
  8. The proposed Treaty gives the WHO a blank check to spend on pandemic preparedness. How much will it cost? No one is saying, but estimates suggest the WHO budget could increase from 4 to 30 billion dollars a year or more.
  9. The WHO intends to force compliance. National IHR Authorities in every country will coordinate with the WHO’s compliance committee and implementation committee to enforce compliance, and the 2 documents are binding on every nation.
  10. When will all this go into effect? The Treaty will go into effect for countries that ratify it after one month, which could be as early as July 2024. The Amendments will take 12 months after passage, or end of May 2025 if they are passed.

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