*Your Freedom is on the Ballot*

*Your Freedom is on the Ballot*



A Message from the President

Your Freedom is on the Ballot

I am often asked about the importance of the women’s vote in this election and what women want. It may seem like a trivial question, as every vote is crucial. However, the reality is that the women’s vote could decide the outcome of this election. Men are more likely than women to favor Republican candidates. Thankfully, the Republican Party with the help of the National Federation of Republican Women is making progress with women voters. The NFRW will focus on messaging specifically to the women voters in 2024.

When asked about the key issues concerning women, I always respond that they care about the same issues as men do – safety, security, financial stability, and the opportunity to fulfill the American Dream. We all want to own a home with a reasonable interest rate, have a stable job with good pay, provide for our families, save for the future, and live comfortably.

There are numerous pressing issues that we could prioritize, but at this moment in history, the border crisis and the economic crisis are the immediate threats to our nation. Under the Biden administration, we have seen a staggering number of Chinese illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border. [i]We have heard from some of the NFRW members in Texas that Syrian illegal immigrants have been apprehended on their property, while others have escaped into our general population. It has been reported that 360,000 children were trafficked or smuggled across the border from 2021-2023.

The number of illegal immigrants, including children, crossing the border and disappearing into the population is alarming. The situation is not confined to the southern border, as the northern border is also facing a surge in illegal crossings. Not only is this a national security threat, but it is also a humanitarian crisis.

Women cannot afford to support the current administration in this critical election. Our country is facing a crisis like never before. There is one thing I agree with President Biden on and that is when he says, “Your freedom is on the ballot.” For the sake of the United States of America and hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children, vote Republican!

Join the NFRW and help get Republican candidates elected at all levels.